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Who Are We?

First off, I know you expect to hear about “we” and “our”… but that’s not true (at least not yet).  Right now, this is just “I” and “me”; and even as this grows, it will always involve a personal promise from me to you.  My name is Darrin and I am personally standing by the products I offer here.  (You can scroll down to learn more about me if you care but I’m not about to write my life story here!)

I’ve gotten serious about strength training later in life, and as I learned more and trained more people and started gyms, I struggled to find the best products for the best price.  Was manufacturer A better than manufacturer B?  Was it worth the extra price?

I only sell products we have used at my gyms or gyms I’ve trained at.  Period.  If you don’t see a type of product here you want, email me using the form to the left.

Why Choose LeanLifters Equipment?

I get asked a lot about “what is the best <whatever piece of equipment> and where should I buy one?”.  Many people simply don’t know the difference between various barbells, plates, knee wraps, etc.

This business is focused on strength equipment, not just general fitness; for example

— barbells, plates, good collars
— power racks, squat racks
— kettlebells, dumbbells
— knee wraps, belts, wrist wraps
— other specialized things for lifters

I have relationships with some of the best manufacturers of strength equipment; this is high quality stuff that is perfect for serious folks but less expensive than competition-grade.

Small gyms or home gyms that need a few items will save a lot of time using LeanLifters Equipment because I have already taken the time to figure out which providers have the best value and you get the best combination across manufacturers.

I only sell equipment I’ve actually used so you can 100% trust I know what I’m selling.

Battle Tested

I only offer equipment I've used myself in actual training programs and can vouch for.

High Quality, Great Price

I've developed relationships with some of the leading strength equipment manufacturers for small gyms; these are very high quality products but since they are just shy of competition-grade, the pricing is awesome.

Save Time

You don't need to hunt around across various manufacturers - I've curated them already.

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Hello, I'm Darrin Clement. In the fitness world, I'm a trainer certified with the NSCA and with the USAW. I compete many times a year in Olympic Weightlifting (masters), Powerlifting, and Obstacle Racing. My gyms are located in Maine and Vermont, and I'm also the strength coach at Thetford Academy.
Darrin Clement
And I understand what it takes to serve customers; my previous company had over 50 employees with hundreds of businesses using our products.
still Darrin
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Look, I can keep talking about myself, but you probably just want to make sure I know my stuff. And I do. If you want to read a full bio on me, let me know but I presume I won't get any such emails!
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