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Why do some product links take me to Amazon?

My job is to get you the best value.  In some cases, that means the best deal for you is through Amazon.  I make only a few pennies in those situations but that’s ok by me.

Why do some products go into my cart but some products take me off of

I’ve got special situations with my partners but that doesn’t always mean I have a better deal than you can get right from them.  If the best pricing, shipping, options, etc. for you would be to go right to their site, that’s where I take you.  If instead I can add value, then your order goes through  If you have any questions about this, just email me.

How is shipping handled?

I love fast shipping and I want to get you your equipment as soon as possible.  But I also don’t want you to pay too much for shipping.  Remember, we are mostly shipping metal here and metal is heavy!  (I’ll skip the obvious music pun here…)  Also, if you are ordering multiple items, they might come from different suppliers.  What this means to you is

  • If we can waive the shipping cost, we can
  • Otherwise we’ll use the least expensive method we can
  • Your items may ship separately
  • If you order through Amazon, often your shipping is free for Prime members

What about all the “fine print” and legal stuff?

See separate documents:  Terms of Use for the website in general; addition Terms of Use for Orders; Privacy Policy.