Bumper Plates


These are the perfect bumper plates – they absorb the impact without bouncing all over the place. Bumpers are the way to go for all your plates.

– uniform diameter so deadlifting light weight off the ground always starts at standard height

– less clanking around to annoy neighbors (although, maybe you want to tick off your nieghbor; if so, just grunt louder)

– bumpers are versatile and can be used as conditioning implements (see video)

– durable: we’ve got dozens of these that have taken beatings for years

** Note that the 10 pound pair are special. Most 10# plates deform or else cost a ton. These are flexible but sturdy enough until you are ready to put the 25# plates on. However, these do have more bounce to them than the 25# or 45#.

*** Why don’t we sell 35# plates? Long story, but it comes down to this – too many instances where someone accidentally puts a 35# on one side and a 45# on the other side of the bar. Not good. New lifters just can’t seem to always tell the difference. If you want 35# on each side, use a 25# and add a 10#.