Slam Balls


Picking up a heavy object and slamming on the ground… what a great feeling. Now do it 20 times in a row and start hating life. These balls do not bounce and barely compress – which is critical for many movements. So don’t think of these as med balls (which is why they are called slam balls instead). I’ve had a lot of bad luck buying off brands of these – cheap ones can collapse and become lumps rather than balls. This brand is great – I’ve never had a bad one in the lot.

I have men use 30 or 35 # and women use 20 or 25 # for ball slams.  However, recent sizing changes mean that the newer 35# and newer 25# have extra space and the sand sloshes a bit.  Therefor, I am only selling the 20#/30# so that you have a perfect experience.


20 lb, 30 lb